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A guide to career counseling, career counselors, and when you need one

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

What does a career counselor even do?

Maybe you've been recommended career counseling by a school counselor or a parent, but have no idea what that means. Or maybe you've started to look into a career change but don't know how a counselor could really help you. Or you're thinking a career counselor will secure you a job (hint: it won't). Keep reading for an expanded definition of a career counselor.

In career counseling, the career coach or therapist is trained to provide resources, discuss career development with an individual or company, and administer and interpret aptitude and personality interests assessments.

What do I talk about in Career Counseling?

  • What am I good at?

  • What do I like to do?

  • What have others told me I’m good at?

  • What are my values (work, family, friends)?

  • What am I looking for in a career?

  • What qualifications do I have?

  • What work environment do I want to be in?


A career counselor can help you navigate these questions, as well as explore skills and strengths, education levels, and discover your aptitudes through tests and assessments, as well as self-discovery.

When it comes to identifying a career move, having a career coach can help you feel more certain about what direction you want to take. And now with COVID19, identifying your values, skills, and interests is as important as ever. Branding yourself and your skills is the first step to making yourself shine in the business world, and a career coach can help you.

If you’d like to take the first step in identifying your skills and career goals, or if you are in a transition, reach out to me and we can get something started. Career coaching is my passion, and helping others discover their passion is what I’m all about.


You Got This.

Samantha Hoover, MS, LPC

Thorn & Rose Counseling, PLLC

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