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At T&R, we believe in creating a toolbox that actually helps you create the life you want to live. Whether you need help managing anxiety, perfectionism, relationships, family of origin, trauma, or career, we hope these resources bring you a sense of purpose and clarity. 

Book Resources


I use books all the time in therapy, because sometimes you just need someone else to say it for it to sink in. Here's a list of my top recommended therapy books to try.

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The Defining Decade Therapy Book
How We Love Christian Marriage Book Therapy
Single Dating Engaged Married Christian Dating Book
Boundaries Book Henry Cloud Therapy
Wisdom of Your Body Therapy Body Image Christian Book
purposeful pursuit

Career Edition

  • Frustrated with not knowing what major to pick and feeling the pressure from family to decide?

  • Not feeling fulfilled in your career but uncertain how to find something you'd actually find enjoyment in?

  • We created a downloadable FREE PDF workbook for you to get clear on your values, interests, and passions

  • If you're stuck wondering what career you'd actually be good at, download the PDF today

Purposeful Pursuit

purposeful pursuit

Love & Relationships

  • Frustrated with a lack of direction in dating?

  • Want to date but not sure what to look for?

  • Keep dating the same duds and not sure why your "picker" is off?

  • Download our free workbook to discover your core values, how to date, and what to look for.

Purposeful Pursuit

dating counseling
young adult therapy
young adult counseling

Purposeful Pursuit

Health Edition

  • Coming Soon, Subscribe to Know When

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