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Just because we all go through it doesn't mean it's good. Or normal. Or helpful.​ Developing coping skills and tools as a human being is hard. As a teenager, even harder. If your child is experiencing depression, isolation, feelings of emptiness, anxiety, panic attacks... or struggling with identity, purpose, and school, it may be time to start therapy.



Teens depression


Teen anxiety


Teen therapy frisco texas


Depression & Irritability

Anxiety & Social Anxiety

School Issues & Direction

teen therapy frisco texas

Why is my child so withdrawn?

  • You're starting to notice your teen withdrawing from friends, family, and hobbies but don't know why

  • Your child is more irritable than usual, refusing to do usual chores and instead laying in bed more often than not

  • When you ask your child what's going on, you get a one-word answer or no answer at all

  • You've noticed your child's confidence and self-esteem have plummeted but aren't sure how to help

  • Irritability is on the first sign of depression in children and teens, and this is when a therapist may be helpful for your child. If your child has experienced a trauma event, bullying, or any depressive symptoms, it may be a good time to start treatment.

Depression & Irritablity


Why is my child so stressed?

  • Teachers have said your child seems stressed and anxious in class and you don't know what to do with that information

  • You notice your child has difficulty regulating when the environment changes or when change is introduced, they seem to spiral. 

  • You've heard your child has been experiencing bully or peer press

  • Your friends' kids all have a lot of friends, but your child seems to prefer alone time and shows no interest in making friends. Or if you insist they meet someone new, anxiety kicks in

  • What used to be "stranger danger" has now turned into a fear of interacting with others. You know college is coming up and are afraid your child will not be able to interact with others

  • We all struggle with anxiety from time to time, but when it becomes unmanageable, that's when a therapist can help your child with new coping skills and develop a deeper understanding of what is going on developmentally 

Anxiety & Social Anxiety

teen depression mental health treatment


frisco texas therapy

Is my child going to graduate?

  • You noticed your child's grades went from A's and B's to D's and assignments missing

  • When you ask your teen what they think about college or career, they seem indifferent, anxious, or have no idea where to even start, which is making you worry about their future 

  • You've heard about bullying from a teacher and don't know how to help your child or help them process what's going on at school

School Issues & Direction


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"After working with Sam previously, I have the greatest admiration for her work. Her genuine and compassionate approach makes for an ideal therapeutic environment that clients resonate with."

Robert Meason

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