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Struggling with finding a job you find satisfying, developing a resume, managing a team, or finding a college major? Career counseling works by combinding your interests, skills, and goals to build the career story you want.



Career counseling


career counseling


career counseling


College Prep & Choosing a Major

Career Change or Feeling Directionless 

Burnout & Stress

career counseling

What am I supposed to do with my life?

  • You're in college, or about to be, but have no idea what to major in and feel anxious about the decision 

  • You know you want to do something good, but have no idea what skills you actually have 

  • When you think about your interests for careers, you feel like you have nothing

  • Graduation day is quickly approaching and you still have no sense of direction or purpose 

  • Together, we'll figure out your values, interests, passions, and start planning a career you're excited about

College Prep & Choosing a Major


Is this really career satisfaction?

  • You've been in the same field for some time now, but are starting to feel dissatisfied 

  • You notice getting up for work every day is becoming increasingly difficulty 

  • You thought this was going to be your dream career, but now you're not so sure

  • You've achieved some goals, but now don't know what to look forward to next 

  • You're noticing perfectionism or fear of failure is keeping you from pursuing what you really want to do

Career Change or Feeling Directionless

career counseling frisco tx


career couselor frisco tx

Is this really what life is all about?

  • Managing your stress has become almost impossible, and you notice your social and family life is suffering for it

  • It feels like no matter how many breaks you take or vacations you plan, it never seems to be enough to recharge you for work

  • You've noticed more irritability in yourself, and your work-life balance is in the trashcan 

Burnout & Stress


Image by Augustine Wong

Career change can be scary but also exciting! Let's find your values.



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