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What Therapy Is and Is NOT

There's a lot of talk about therapy lately, and we're here for it. However, some ideas are getting confused.

Therapy, with a licensed therapist, is not just venting or talking to a friend. That's great and has a time and a place, but therapists are equipped to handle mental health concerns like depression, anxiety, OCD, trauma, family of origin, stress, and so much more.

What Therapy Is:

  • Combination of talking, learning new ways to cope and change

  • Exploring solutions that make sense to you, and are guided by a professional

  • For everyone, part of full-body wellness

  • Sometimes quick, but if dealing with trauma, can take a while

What Therapy Is Not:

  • Venting and talking about your issues without a goal

  • Your therapist giving you advice

  • Only for those with severe mental health concerns

  • A quick fix

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You Got This.

Samantha Hoover, LPC

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